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3 Great Pub Events To Attract More Customers

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Innstay was created to help publicans reach more customers, keep them in your venue longer and then get them to return time and time again.

Check out our latest 3 ideas to attract more customers to your pub.

1. Run a Western theme night

  • Get your music right, play some top country tracks on your background music system

  • Contact your drinks suppliers for some fun free cowboy hats to give out to customers

  • Put pictures of your regulars in WANTED posters dotted around the venue

  • Reduce the price of drinks like whiskey and bourbon for one night only

2. Host some horse racing

Why not run a horse racing night in aid of charity?

  • These nights are an excellent way of getting customers involved in fund raising and create a fantastic atmosphere.

  • Steve at The Grandale runs these nights regularly, see what he has to say: “Our best horse racing night took 2 months of planning and promotion but raised over £7000 on the night for the charity. We also took a lot more than that  over the bar which is great for a local community estate pub."

3. Run happy hour with push button games

Do you have a regular quiet night of the week? Why not use this night to run the Happy Hour Push Button Games?

  • The unique push button buzzers link to your screens and create a buzz around the venue and surrounding area

  • It’s a great idea to offer quirky prizes for one of the outcomes such as fancy dress props or signs, often customers will post on social media posing with these items leading to increased online presence for your venue

Innstay’s BeeBox System can be used to help with all of the above events, it has hundreds of pre-populated music genres within the background music section, you could choose Country for your western themed night.

You can also add horse racing nights as part of the package which includes an easy to use tote calculator and quality video clips with commentary.

Finally install the push buttons along with the BeeBox and create your own happy hour offer which is fully regulated and won’t see you giving away more drinks than you mean to.

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